The Abyss

12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 10

Every New Years Eve our family keeps with a tradition we’ve started since moving to Bend.  Pack up the snow shoes and head to Meissner Sno Park for a short trek to the Nordeen Shelter.  There we bust out some snacks, chocolate and a bottle of one of my all time favorite beers for me and the Mrs., The Abyss from Deschutes Brewery. If you have not heard of this one, put it on the top of your list to try.  The Abyss is an imperial stout partially aged in bourbon, oak and pinot noir barrels, this is an 11% ABV,  intense and complex brew which has won multiple awards.  You’ll be able to find this brew in bottles just about anywhere that carries Deschutes Beer throughout a good part of the country, and I’d suggest you do give it a try.  Better yet, stop in at Deschutes Brewery & Public House downtown or grab a sample at the tasting room in the main brewery just before a brewery tour!

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