Community Spotlight – Sylvan Learning!

sylvanIf you’re a parent and have taken on the new role of “teacher” when schools closed a couple of months ago, you may have come to realize how challenging the home classroom can be!  Add that to your full-time job, online lessons, house projects, getting your daily dose of fresh air… it can be overwhelming!  Sylvan Learning in Bend aims to provide some relief to parents during this challenging time through online Sylvan sessions.  Sylvan Learning provides the same high-quality, proven education they’ve always had now through live, online tutoring so your kids aren’t skipping a beat!

Sylvan Learning evaluates your child’s strengths, needs, beliefs, and behaviors, so they know exactly where to start.  From there they create a personal learning plan that’s unique to your child, so he or she can achieve success quickly.  Sylvan experts tutor, guide, and instruct and they adapt to your child’s skill level and pace.  They measure and reward progress to engage your child, and they guarantee results!

Sylvan Learning is available to support your child even when schools resume next year.  They offer in-person tutoring programs for math, algebra, reading, writing, study skills, and more.  They also have a team of college-readiness experts ready to help teens with individual SAT and ACT test prep.
Call Sylvan at (541) 647-2732, visit the Sylvan website or their Facebook page at @SylvanLearning for more information.
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