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12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 7

I have an Anheuser-Busch beer in this blog? Really!?  Many of you know that AB-InBev bought 10 Barrel Brewing recently which has sent social media buzzing with opinions and leaving a sense of the unknown for the future of craft brewing. When I think of “craft” brewing, artisan comes to mind.  Art, passion, sacrifice, devotion, […]

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12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 6

I disagree with the brewery’s name.  Oblivion [uh–bliv-ee-uh n]- noun, definition- The state of being completely forgotten or unknown.  While one could certainly drink themselves to a state of mind similar to this, I’m sure they would have family or friends to remember them, hopefully… And Oblivion Brewing Company could certainly not be forgotten! Their […]

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12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 5

Oh what a slippery slope this could be… Cascade Lakes Brewing Company started in Redmond in 1994.  They now have several pubs including the Cascade Lakes Lodge in Bend and the 7th St Brew House in Redmond.  One of their winter seasonal brews is Slippery Slope. Everything about this beer is solid, yet nothing extraordinary.  […]

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12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 4

Beer 4 – I’ve always given McMenamin’s more love as a real estate redevelopment company than as a brewery.  Their properties are works of art, inside an out.  But the brewery and restaurant side has always left me a bit underwhelmed.  Then along came Kris Kringle. I really enjoyed this beer and would continue enjoying […]

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12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 3

Beer 3 – Rudolph’s Imperial Red by Three Creeks Brewing.  This is not the Rudolph you know from the song or the Christmas special.  This Rudolph has hair on his chest and wears a leather jacket! At 8.5% ABV, I suspect Rudolph’s stays grounded after enjoying his namesake beer, but then again maybe this is […]

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