12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 3

Beer 3 – Rudolph’s Imperial Red by Three Creeks Brewing.  This is not the Rudolph you know from the song or the Christmas special.  This Rudolph has hair on his chest and wears a leather jacket! At 8.5% ABV, I suspect Rudolph’s stays grounded after enjoying his namesake beer, but then again maybe this is the magic dust that gets him and the rest of Santa’s reindeer flying.  While it packs a punch, the alcohol content is certainly not overbearing on the taste as it is in many strong ales.  Definitely malty, nutty and thick, yet Rudolph is not overly sweet and is well balanced by a hoppy kick. It also has an ever so slightly fruity taste to it.  Three Creeks Brewing is located in Sisters, just to the NW of Bend, in the Five Pine Campus by the Lodge and Sisters Movie House.  You can sample Rudolph’s Imperial Red there at the brewery or pick up bottles at stores in Bend such as Newport Market, The Brew Shop and CE Lovejoy’s.

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