12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 2

Beer 2 – So mint and beer just should never go hand in hand, right?  It would be a train wreck, right?  Hmm, guess I need to slow down and check it out.  Turns out mint and beer are not so uncommon after all.  There are actually quite a few mint stouts out there, even one by Flying Dog.  If it’s ok for the big dogs, it oughta be ok for me too. RiverBend Brewing on Division St in NE Bend, OR just happens to have a WinterMint Stout.  Still being a bit hesitant, I ordered one in a smaller snifter rather than a full pint.  To my surprise, I was wishing I had ordered a full pint!  While I would have enjoyed it more had it been a tad more creamy and smooth, it was still very easy sipping and the mint is super subtle.  Subtle and not like a candy peppermint, but more of a mint leaf taste.  Others have described WinterMint as a sweeter dessert beer.  I didn’t think it was overly sweet and thought it was more coffee than chocolate tasting.  If I were to take the kids out for a winter camping trip, I’d certainly cart a growler of this with me to enjoy with marshmallows around the fire.  The only place to get WinterMint is at the brewery.  If you’re a sports fan you won’t mind going there at all – River Bend has about 708 flat screens on the walls.  Maybe an exaggeration, but you won’t be disappointed unless you’re team is losing.  #12BendBeersOfChristmas

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