12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 5

Oh what a slippery slope this could be… Cascade Lakes Brewing Company started in Redmond in 1994.  They now have several pubs including the Cascade Lakes Lodge in Bend and the 7th St Brew House in Redmond.  One of their winter seasonal brews is Slippery Slope. Everything about this beer is solid, yet nothing extraordinary.  If you are entertaining guest who have not been exposed to craft beers, (then your guests are certainly not from Oregon, ha!) this would be a perfect “gateway” beer.  The spice, malt and hops are all solid and smooth with no overpowering specifics.  If your guests are a bit more savvy to craft brewing, do yourself a favor and seek out an edgier selection.  Nonetheless, go forth, seek out, and purchase some of this brew.  Slippery Slope is easy to find bottled in most stores and of course in the Cascade Lakes brewpubs.  Personally, I suggest 7th St Brew House in Redmond and their Cascade West pub in Bend.  Cheers!

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