12 Bend Beers of Christmas! – Beer 7

I have an Anheuser-Busch beer in this blog? Really!?  Many of you know that AB-InBev bought 10 Barrel Brewing recently which has sent social media buzzing with opinions and leaving a sense of the unknown for the future of craft brewing. When I think of “craft” brewing, artisan comes to mind.  Art, passion, sacrifice, devotion, local, intimate, community and camaraderie are all words that come to mind when I envision a craft brewery.  It becomes harder to have the same perception for the Belgium based AB-InBev.  For the previous owners of 10 Barrel I am very happy for their success and good fortune.  I’m thoroughly impressed with their ability to brand, build, and attract incredible talent to their business.  They deserve and earned all the success that has come their way. For the sake of their staff, I hope their success will continue. Yet the purchase of one of Bend’s most incredible businesses in a brewery enamored town feels a little like someone walked into a party with a skunk. But let’s get to the beer!  Pray for Snow is a rich but super easy drinking brew.  There’s a sweet toffee, nutty malt flavor with just the right amount of hop bitterness to it.  I wouldn’t shy away from this at all.  Pray for Snow and pray for 10 Barrel.

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